Natural Resource Governance

Harness the transformative power of natural resource wealth for sustainable and inclusive human development.

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US$1.5Testimated to be paid in bribes by businesses and individuals each year

>1Bpeople live in poverty in countries rich in natural resources

Our approach

Ensuring that the citizens of resource-rich countries are the ultimate owners and primary benefactors of their natural resource wealth

by building platforms of collaboration between international institutions, governments, civil society and business, and working across the natural resource value chain to enhance governance, reduce corruption and enable people to have agency and voice in decisions affecting them.

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Partners and projects

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Community Smart Consultation & Consent

Strengthen and scale inclusive and effective natural resource governance by improving consultation and consent practices for the benefit of all stakeholders, including Indigenous peoples, local communities, civil society, government, and the private sector.

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From Disclosure to Development

Making disclosed natural resource data accessible and useful to citizens to drive more informed public debate, accountability and decision-making.

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Open Contracting in Resource-rich Countries

Helping ensure governments of resource-rich countries spend the benefits of natural resource wealth in a fair, sustainable and corruption-free way to deliver quality services and infrastructure to citizens.

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Leveraging Transparency to Reduce Corruption

Using research on and building platforms for collaboration among transparency, accountability, and participation initiatives to co-develop successful and context-responsive approaches to combat corruption.

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Opening Extractives

Transforming the availability and use of beneficial ownership data for effective governance in the extractive sector, helping to catalyze the availability and use of beneficial ownership data and providing multiyear support to partner countries to implement reforms on beneficial ownership disclosure in the extractive sector.

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RISE Ukraine

A coalition of Ukrainian organizations and international partners working on open government and anticorruption reform, RISE Ukraine aims to help build the country back better, making the reconstruction a model of integrity, sustainability and efficiency.

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Sustaining successful outcomes

It has been the Foundation's privilege to partner with Transparency International for many years on such an innovative project, as they now build on the successful outcomes from the project and continue to amplify their impact.


Accountable Mining

Over five years, our support enabled Transparency International to use research, assessment and dialogue to provide a better understanding of, and find solutions to address, the risks and impacts of corruption in the process of awarding mining licenses in resource-rich countries. The now proven evidence base, with the suites of tools and methodologies, continue to be effective in resource-rich countries and their success has attracted further investment to continue this work.

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Program updates

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Challenging corruption with global, clever and nimble responses

Citizens of resource-rich countries have a right to benefit from the wealth generated by extraction of their natural resources. But as the world looks to decarbonize, quickly, how do we ensure short cuts to access cobalt, nickel, and rare earth elements, which more than half of the world’s reserves exist in countries with high levels of corruption, don’t short-change the countries and communities providing these resources?

94 days ago

Natural Resource Governance

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An inspiring coalition that will guide Ukraine's reconstruction

RISE Ukraine, a new coalition of Ukrainian organizations and international partners, was launched this week at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano, Switzerland, with inaugural funding from the BHP Foundation.

246 days ago

Natural Resource Governance

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A data-driven approach delivering tangible outcomes to communities

Governments and natural resources companies are recognizing the importance of public data disclosure on social, economic and environmental impacts and contributions towards quality-of-life improvements. Such efforts increase accountability and build trust.

381 days ago

Natural Resource Governance

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Open contracting delivering results in Asia

Public contracts matter for each and every one of us - they deliver vital goods and services including health, education and other essential community infrastructure.

549 days ago

Natural Resource Governance

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