Canada Program

Harness the potential of young Indigenous people through improved education, learning and career pathway opportunities; and improving the governance and management of water resources to meet the needs of local communities.


23%of Indigenous youth in Canada are unemployed

31water advisories still exist in 27 Indigenous communities

Our approach


Empowering young Indigenous people to self-determine their futures

by delivering accessible education programs; supporting the preservation, reinforcement and promotion of Indigenous culture and tradition; and breaking down social barriers.


Ensuring water resources are sustainably and equitably managed

by driving awareness, support and trust to address the risks; encourage policy frameworks for more effective decision-making; and develop practices for sustainable water use.

Partners and projects


Supporting Indigenous Language Revitalization

Providing support to Indigenous communities in building capacity to successfully carry out their own language revitalization. Envisioning a future where Indigenous languages are healthy and vibrant, and are spoken in homes, schools, workplaces, and on the land.

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Transformative Governance: Collaborative Leadership Initiative

To advance reconciliation and enhance water sustainability, this project seeks to implement and embed a process for reconciliation-based collaborative governance that will transform community-driven decision making between Indigenous and municipal leaders in watersheds across Canada.

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Natural Infrastructure for Water Solutions

An initiative to scale up natural infrastructure on Canada's Prairies—for cleaner water and more resilient communities—from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). To take natural infrastructure from novel to normal, IISD is working with organizations and partners across the prairies to strengthen the business case for natural infrastructure, encourage uptake in urban and rural communities, and enable relevant market and policy systems.

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Northwest Territories On The Land Collaborative

Through a community-led collaborative governance model, MakeWay aims to improve the accessibility of resources and support for land-based education and cultural revitalization activities in Indigenous communities across Northwest Territories in Canada, as a means to promote reconciliation and justice.

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Leadership Development for Native & Indigenous Youth in the Americas

Through a cross-border Indigenous & Native Youth Leadership Community of Practice, Ban Ki-Moon Foundation seeks to enable leadership development that empower Indigenous and Native youth to strengthen and amplify their influence, to drive changemaking efforts and elevate Indigenous leadership and decision making.

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3 online resources to learn about governance and collaborative decision making with Indigenous and local communities

Three comprehensive learning resources to help inform, develop, and enhance knowledge on Indigenous governance and consultation and consent mechanisms are available online and are free to access.

78 days ago

Canada program

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Indigenous self-determination is a right BHP Foundation actively supports

The BHP Foundation partners with Indigenous organizations and local communities in many parts of the world to actively support self-determination.

342 days ago

Canada program

Australia program

Chile program

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Proposals open for Measurement, Learning and Evaluation program partner

We are looking for a Measurement, Learning and Evaluation partner to support our country-level programs in the US and Canada.

559 days ago

Canada program

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Revitalizing Indigenous language for current and future generations

Language is the fundamental way Indigenous peoples share their knowledge, communicate their understanding of the world and connect with their spirituality. Evidence suggests that language plays a critical role in Indigenous peoples’ well-being, including their mental health and sense of community belonging.

728 days ago

Canada program

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