Chile Program

Support the inclusion of more disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in education, enhance the resilience of communities to respond to rapid environmental change, and strengthen the capability of organizations and groups to participate in decision-making.

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<1%of public school students in Chile are currently achieving advanced levels of digital proficiency

Our approach


Working across the education sector to prepare students for the jobs of the future.

by connecting public and private sectors and creating new partnerships and models that support the inclusion of 21st century skills in the national curriculum.


Promoting citizen voice to build social cohesion

by empowering women to actively participate in social change.

Partners and projects



Promote the teaching of computer science in the Chilean public system to equip students with the skills required to progress in a digital world.

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by Rodrigo Sánchez Grez for Capital Azul

Coastal Communities Network

By fostering collaboration between organizations that will implement innovative solutions to strengthen community resilience in coastal areas of Chile, the Network aims to catalyze a pathway to sustainable economic development for at least 16 fishing communities along Chile’s coast, through economic opportunity and entrepreneurship alongside solutions to protect, manage and restore critical marine ecosystems.

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Collective Effect

A consortium of organizations working to create a model for teaching and learning that allows children and young people from the public education system in Chile have access to improved learning experiences and acquire the XXI skills and knowledge necessary to develop their full potential.

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Sustaining successful outcomes

It has been the Foundation's privilege to partner with these organizations for many years on such innovative projects, as they now build on the successful outcomes from their project and continue to amplify their impact.


Digital Education Network

Collaboration across seven local institutions that contributed to ensure the continuity of learning during the pandemic and transform the future of Chilean education through technology, innovative tools, addressing socio-emotional skills, and retaining a gender perspective.

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Nuestra Voz (Our Voice)

Bring greater visibility and awareness to the views and priorities of Chilean women to inform how the country addresses current and future challenges.

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Ayllu Solar

For over six years, our support has enabled local Indigenous communities to harness the power of solar energy and create opportunities for social and economic development. SERC Chile (Solar Energy Research Center) is now taking these proven sustainable models to scale with local organizations and leaders.

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Tiempos de Dialogo (Times of Dialogue)

Responding to the 2019 social crisis in Chile, this initiative developed tools and created spaces to enable dialogue as a peaceful means to approach conflict resolution.

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BHP Foundation joins Sumar Saberes, a private-public alliance to help identify and scale up best practices in education in Chile

By combining the innovative and agile practices of the private and philanthropic sectors with the national priorities and government’s reach, Sumar Saberes aims to boost the transformation of the educational model in Chile.

20 days ago

Chile program

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8 innovative educational projects in Chile chosen to receive support from BHP Foundation Collective Effect fund

The projects selected have the potential to scale teaching and learning solutions to boost the transformation of the public education model in Chile.

61 days ago

Chile program

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Upskilling teachers in computer science: one solution to close the digital divide

For the last three years, an organization in Chile had provided training in computer science to more than 900 teachers. They are taking their learnings to the classroom, benefiting 13.325 public students across the country.

76 days ago

Chile program

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Education for the future is not a future problem

Access for today’s students to learn the skills for 21st century jobs will be critical to change the current trajectory of young people in Latin America going into low-skill, low-wage jobs.

159 days ago

Chile program

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