8 innovative educational projects in Chile chosen to receive support from BHP Foundation Collective Effect fund

The projects selected have the potential to scale teaching and learning solutions to boost the transformation of the public education model in Chile.


A year ago, Fundación ReImagina and BHP Foundation articulated the idea of an alliance called Collective Effect (Efecto Colectivo) to support civil society organizations in strengthening their capacity to scale their educational projects.

Early in 2024,Collective Effect launched its fund and made a call to organizations to apply to receive technical advice, accompaniment, and funding for up to US$300,000 to not only scale their projects but develop learning systems and collective impact strategies.

Four months after the initial call for applications, Collective Effect has announced the projects it will support. The projects are expected to collectively benefit over 7,900 teachers and principals and 73,000 students in the country's public education system.

A testament of what collaboration can achieve

“We evaluated more than 110 impressive applications from joint alliances between 250 different organizations. This demonstrates the power of collaboration and the potential of public and private alliances to achieve greater impact”, said Alejandra Garcés, BHP Foundation's Chile Country Program Director.

The eight winners of the Collective Effect fund will commence a four-month acceleration program in the second half of the year.

Collective Effect winners

  1. UnlimitED: Construyendo en red colegios sin límites by Fundación Enseña Chile and Pulso Escolar.
  2. Puentes Educativos TP by Fundación Grupo 99, ONG Canales and Co Crecer.
  3. Proyecto Aprender by Fundación Educacional Proyecto Aprender with Fundación Ulmo.
  4. Modelo Pionero. Transformando la educación en el Valle del Aconcagua by Fundación Angloamerican Chile and Corporación Tu Clase Tu País.
  5. Teatro en la Educación – TELE by Fundación Festival Internacional Teatro a Mil and La Balanza.
  6. Aprendizaje Socioemocional: implementación y evaluación by Fundación Trabün and First Impact
  7. Ecosistemas Territoriales de Bienestar by Fundación Kiri in collaboration with Grupo Educativo NeuroUC, Fundación Mustakis and Fundación Impúlsate.
  8. Fortalezas del Carácter Astoreca en la Patagonia by Fundación Social Astoreca, KommPakt Chile, Comunicación en Educación and Fundación Cuenca Viva.

Collective Effect and Fundación ReImagina are supported by the BHP Foundation’s Chile program, which seeks to foster the inclusion of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in education and to strengthen the capacity of community organizations and groups to participate in decision-making. More information.


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