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The potential of stormwater capture to face water challenges

Stormwater capture offers a promising solution that can help close the gap between water supply and demand as well as manage intensifying flooding and drought.

7 days ago

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3 online resources to learn about governance and collaborative decision making with Indigenous and local communities

Three comprehensive learning resources to help inform, develop, and enhance knowledge on Indigenous governance and consultation and consent mechanisms are available online and are free to access.

21 days ago

Canada program

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Improving career opportunities and choice for women and girls

Tailored education and leadership skills development are helping women and girls overcome cultural, economic and social barriers.

40 days ago

Education Equity

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The global dynamics of consultation and consent

A new resource to explore what consultation and consent mean in principle and practice in natural resource management, particularly in relation to Indigenous Peoples, has been launched.

47 days ago

Natural Resource Governance

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Sharing what is and what is not working

The BHP Foundation’s approach to measurement, learning and evaluation (MLE) is driven by the belief that strategic learning through investment in measuring, learning from, and evaluating is fundamental to maximize impact, and to:
  • Influence action for people and planet.
  • Share evidence to strategically generate attention, advance thinking, influence public policy and compel others to action around priority areas.
  • Adaptively manage and course correct to maximize impact, influence, and scale of our work in service to an equitable and sustainable future.
  • Hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders and commitments so that we enable effective decision-making, transparency, and responsibility, including around unintended consequences.
  • Contribute to the evidence base to substantiate the value proposition of our work, sharing learning of what is and is not working.

BHP Foundation programs: learning and performance


Durable change - sustaining impact in natural resource governance initiatives

These research findings from Sustainable Minerals Institute's evaluation of our Natural Resource Governance program provide insights into the key ingredients to make impact sustainable.

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Lessons in natural resource governance from priority countries

These research findings from Sustainable Minerals Institute's evaluation of our Natural Resource Governance program provide insights into the contextual factors shaping delivery of programs in Colombia, Nigeria, Ghana and Peru.

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Using Foundation Capital for Good: Opportunities in the Balance Sheet

Veronica Olazabal, BHP Foundation's Chief Impact and Evaluation Officer, and John Sherman, Chief Partner at Sherman Impact Consulting, shared here some considerations and suggestions that may help foundations identify and evaluate their investment options.

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Scaling & Systems Change: Fundamentals, insights and case study reviews

The BHP Foundation Environmental Resilience Program has collaborated with Ampliseed to develop this report that showcases scaling case studies and lessons learned drawn from various sectors and countries, including education, natural resource governance, and environmental resilience.

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Conservation Financing Strategies: Key Lessons and Case Studies

This document provides an introduction to financing lines for Conservation and also explores different useful approaches to financially sustain the results of a project through field work and case studies.

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Insurance Challenges & Opportunities - October 2022

A report from Pollination and the BHP Foundation, exploring and unpacking the insurance risks faced by organizations delivering nature based solutions.

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Impact Verification: A powerful tool to hold organizations accountable to their impact claims.

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2022 Redstone: Environmental Resilience Evaluation

The BHP Foundation commissioned this evaluation to better understand the impact to date of the Environmental Resilience Global Signature Program and to provide recommendations to strengthen the Program going forward.

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Scaling impact in education for transformative change

This report looks across all six of the Brookings' Real-time Scaling Labs (RTSLs) cases to analyze common themes, insights, and lessons learned about the process of scaling to provide practical recommendations on how to scale and sustain impact in education.

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2021 RAND Corporation: Education Equity Evaluation

In 2017, the BHP Foundation launched its Education Equity Global Signature Program. In support of the BHP Foundation's goals, RAND Corporation researchers are conducting a five-year evaluation of the program.

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Developing Enabling Environments for Women's Access to Education and Vocational Opportunities - RAND Research

A case study of policy change efforts led by UN Women's Second Chance Education Programme in India

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Synthesizing and Mobilizing Evidence to Improve Teaching and Learning - RAND research

A case study of Queen Rania Foundation's Contextualized Teaching and Learning Toolkit Effort, developed in partnership with the Education Endowment Foundation

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Exploring How Teach for All's Networks Connect Local Educational Organizations - RAND research

A case study of alumni professional connections in Peru

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What Works to Improve Family-School Engagement - RAND research

A case study of the Center for Universal Education's Family-School Engagement Playbook Effort on engaging a global network to curate and disseminate evidence about what works to improve family-school engagement

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BHP Foundation Strategy & Impact Booklet

The BHP Foundation Strategy and Impact Booklet showcases the BHP Foundation’s big ambitions to address some of the world’s most critical sustainable development challenges are continuing to deliver unique collaborations and bold solutions.

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Partner organizations: project outputs and insights


CSIRO Indigenous STEM Education Project

Final Evaluation Report

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Implementing beneficial ownership reforms

Opening Extractives Progress Report 2022/23 documents progress that has been made in implementing beneficial ownership transparency across 11 countries, through legislative reforms, the establishment of public registers and evidence-based advocacy.

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Collaborating to Transform and Improve Education Systems

Center for Universal Education - Brookings Institution: A playbook for family-school engagement

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