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Implementing beneficial ownership reforms

Opening Extractives Progress Report 2022/23 documents progress that has been made in implementing beneficial ownership transparency across 11 countries, through legislative reforms, the establishment of public registers and evidence-based advocacy.

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Landesa 2023 Annual Report

Landesa has assisted 720 million people in the past five years on a path toward equitable and secure land rights. Landesa’s collaborative work is made possible through a global network of partners that understand the power and potential impact of when land and rights are secure.

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The Audacity Deficit in Natural Resource Governance

Brookings Institution: analyzes global perceptions of the priorities for the natural resource governance field.

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The State of Play Report for Natural Infrastructure on the Canadian Prairies

This report provides a snapshot of the state of natural infrastructure implementation across the Canadian Prairies, specifically as it relates to water management and water infrastructure.

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IdeoDigital 2022 Report

IdeoDigital, promoting the teaching of computer science in the Chilean public system to equip students with the skills required to progress in a digital world, shares its 2022 learnings and impacts.

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Leading for nature

A report that identifies the pillars of activity critical for Indigenous Peoples and local communities to access and lead in development of nature credit projects.

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Building Mentally Healthy Futures

A policy brief from Australia's Mental Health Think Tank on youth mental health recovery plan.

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Unlocking Sustainable Tourism

Great Barrier Reef Foundation: sharing insights from the Resilient Reefs global network.

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Opening Extractives

How beneficial ownership transparency in extractive sectors helps curb corruption.

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Collaborating to Transform and Improve Education Systems

Center for Universal Education, Brookings Institution: a playbook for family-school engagement.

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Improving children’s reading and math at large scale in Côte d’Ivoire

Center for Universal Education, Brookings Institution: a case study on how an evidence-based initiative can achieve progress toward national sustainable scale.

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Improving learning and life skills for marginalized children

Center for Universal Education, Brookings Institution: a report on the Real-time Scaling Lab in Tanzania.

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What works in Indigenous STEM education

CSIRO summarizes success factors identified through the monitoring and evaluation of the Indigenous STEM Education Project.

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CSIRO Indigenous STEM Education Project

Project's Final Evaluation Report.

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