Bold ambitions

We live at an unprecedented time in the history of humanity. Whilst the last century has delivered extrordinary human progress, more than one billion people continue to live in poverty, and the natural systems our common future depends upon are under unparalled stress. The decisions we make and actions we take now, will have implications for the sustainability of the planet and our shared quality of life for centuries to come.

We therefore have a choice. To lean into solving these unprecedented challenges with bold new solutions, or continue with incremental ‘business as usual’ change knowing this will not deliver the speed and scale of transformation required.

At the BHP Foundation we have made our choice. We are leaning in by pursuing difficult issues; partnering with others to pioneer new solutions which, if successful, will become transformational game-changers; and sharing insights and evidence to enable solutions that are successful to be sustained, scaled and mainstreamed.

Global portfolio

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Education Equity

Enhance opportunities for disadvantaged young people to access, participate in and achieve a quality education.

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Environmental Resilience

Support new ways of conserving and sustainably managing large-scale, globally significant natural environments for the benefit of future generations.

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Natural Resource Governance

Harness the transformative power of natural resource wealth for sustainable and inclusive human development.

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Australia Program

To shape a more equitable and sustainable Australia through a focus on Indigenous self-determination and the wellbeing of children and young people.

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Canada Program

Harness the potential of young Indigenous people through improved education, learning and career pathway opportunities, and improve the governance and management of water resources to meet the needs of local communities.

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Chile Program

Support the inclusion of more disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in education, enhance the resilience of communities to respond to rapid social and environmental change, and strengthen the capability of organizations and groups to participate in effective decision-making.

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USA Program

Harness the potential of young people through enabling positive change for Native Americans by supporting self-determination initiatives, and improve the governance and management of water resources to meet the needs of local communities.

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Partnering with us

The BHP Foundation aspires to transformational relationships and partnering approaches which are mutually accountable, creating equitable power and supporting management of risks. To deliver, we adopt an investment approach which addresses the root causes of systemic sustainability challenges. We commit to long-term investments in innovative initiatives and where successful we work as advocates to scale and mainstream these approaches so they may positively impact our world now and into the future.