Fundación Reimagina and BHP Foundation have created an alliance to support innovation in education with a US$3 million competitive fund

Collective Effect (Efecto Colectivo) has been formed with the aim of promoting innovation in education and of teaching the essential skills that children and young people in Chile’s public education system need to face the 21st century’s job market.


Collective Effect is a collaborative alliance, led by Fundación Reimagina and supported by BHP Foundation, which seeks to connect and support organizations that work on: 

  • the development of effective, innovative and scalable solutions to boost the transformation of the teaching and learning model in Chile. 
  • the implementation of solutions already proven in the educational ecosystem, which can potentially generate an impact on different levels, from students and teachers to public policies.

The support that Collective Effect seeks to provide focuses on three lines of action. The first one is a US$3 million competitive fund to help strengthen the capacity of organizations which can potentially scale their projects and transform the educational model. 

The fund, which is expected to finance at least 10 projects with up to US$300,000 each, also includes technical advice and accompaniment to develop a learning system and a collective impact strategy. 

The second focus area of Collective Effect will work on “the development of inputs and technical proposals in order to accelerate evidence-based educational transformation and the visibility of educational practices from the educational ecosystem,” explains Ana María Raad, Executive Director of Fundación ReImagina. 

As a third initiative, Collective Effect considers the creation of an observatory that will enable the identification and monitoring  of the education system status and the emergence of innovative projects in Chile.


How to become part of Collective Effect and obtain funding

The funding is aimed at civil society organizations that propose scalable educational innovations in Chile in three areas: key learning and cognitive skills; coexistence and socioemotional skills; and educational technologies.

Applications for the first selection stage may be submitted as from now until January 30, 2024. This is the link to apply and learn more about the requirements. “As we know that no one achieves changes immediately or on their own, the Collective Effect fund supports projects for a minimum of two and up to four years, thus allowing them to have further continuity and to achieve a deeper impact.

In addition, it promotes a radical collaboration between different institutions and enhances the joint impact of the initiatives that will be supported,” said Alejandra Garcés, BHP Foundation's Chile Country Program Director.

The beneficiaries will be announced in April. Details of the timeline and stages can be found at


Collective Effect and Fundación ReImagina are supported by the BHP Foundation’s Chile program, which seeks to foster the inclusion of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in education and to strengthen the capacity of community organizations and groups to participate in decision-making. More information.

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