Education Equity

Enhance opportunities for disadvantaged young people to access, participate in and achieve a quality education.


250Mchildren are still not in primary school

90%of 10-year-olds in low income countries can not read

Our approach


Enabling every young person around the world to access quality education

by utilizing evidence to: drive more informed decision-making; support innovation to disrupt current trends; empower education thought leaders to influence public policy; and enhance opportunities for the education sector to measure impact.

Partners and projects

'Let’s Read Fluently!’ program_Jordan 2022

Building a global evidence ecosystem for teaching

Equipping teachers with the knowledge they need to enhance and accelerate learning outcomes for the most disadvantaged children and young people.

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Leadership and global learning for community impact

Creating locally rooted, globally informed leaders who work in partnership with their communities to ensure all children can fulfil their potential.

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UN Women_creditPriya Naresh & Aniket Kolarkar

Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning Program

Providing marginalized women access to quality learning, entrepreneurship and employment outcomes through second chance education and vocational learning.

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Millions Learning: Scaling quality education innovations and initiatives for all children and youth

This project brings researchers and practitioners together to generate evidence, provide practical recommendations, and build stronger links around scaling processes in global education.

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Students in Emutsuru Primary School having a Mathematics class_Kenya

Business Investment for Education Impact (BIEI)

Developing new tools and resources to increase the impact of businesses’ investment in education and encouraging more companies to make education a sustainability priority.

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Improving career opportunities and choice for women and girls

Tailored education and leadership skills development are helping women and girls overcome cultural, economic and social barriers.

40 days ago

Education Equity

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A second chance for Afghan women in Chile

“I’m the Afghan girl the Taliban wanted to chain. I’m the girl they wanted to imprison, who can’t study or work in that society. So, my crime and that of other Afghan women is to fight for our freedom,” 22-year-old Zahra Karimi. 

196 days ago

Education Equity

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“Yes, you can get ahead as a woman”

Women’s employment is crucial for economic autonomy, as well as strengthening national economies and fostering gender equality. This is why the UN Women Second Chance Education Program is supporting women like Catalina, Denisse and Maria in their journey to security and success.

419 days ago

Education Equity

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Grant to boost systemic change in education

A leading policy center, and long-standing BHP Foundation grantee, has received a multi-million dollar grant to boost collaborative action to transform global education ecosystems. The Brookings Institution announced its Center for Universal Education (CUE) in the Global Economy and Development program received US$24 million from LEGO Foundation, the largest grant in Brookings' century-long history.

425 days ago

Education Equity

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