United States Program

Harness the potential of young people through enabling positive change for Native Americans by supporting self-determination initiatives, and improve the governance and management of water resources to meet the needs of local communities.


by 2071nearly half of US fresh water basins may not meet monthly water demand

Our approach


Ensuring water resources are sustainably and equitably managed

by driving awareness, support and trust to address the risks; encourage policy frameworks for more effective decision-making; and develop practices for sustainable water use.


Empowering young Indigenous people to self-determine their futures

by delivering accessible education programs; supporting the preservation, reinforcement and promotion of Indigenous culture and tradition; and breaking down social barriers.

Partners and projects


Advancing Water Equity and Resilience

Generating evidence of effective water equity and resilience strategies and promoting awareness and uptake of those strategies in communities across the United States.

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Internet of Water

To enable adaptive and effective responses to profound water challenges across the United States, this Project aims to modernize public water data infrastructure, unlocking the potential of this data and empowering decision-makers and communities to generate insights, inform decision-making, and inspire innovative solutions.

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Global and national programs

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