The global dynamics of consultation and consent

A new resource to explore what consultation and consent mean in principle and practice in natural resource management, particularly in relation to Indigenous Peoples, has been launched.

Conservation International_creditPeter Oxford
Credit Peter Oxford for Conservation International

The impact of growing populations, climate change, increasing standards of living, changes in demand for resources, and investment in energy transition are falling disproportionately on Indigenous Peoples and communities with ties to the land and environment.

The relationships and power dynamic between different parties’ interests reinforces the need for consultation and consent as a mechanism to foster sustainable development and investment while upholding fundamental rights, local decision making and communities autonomy.

Despite widespread endorsement of the consultation and consent principles, their practical application is complex and challenging. That’s the reason BHP Foundation funded ‘Community-smart Consultation and Consent’ initiative developed Dynamics of Community Consultation and Consent.

Dynamics of Community Consultation and Consent is an interactive learning resource to explore these concepts in definition and practice.

Using a full database of over 200 articles about consultation and consent as case examples, the resource provides a comprehensive guide that:

  • defines an umbrella term for processes of meaningfully engaging with communities
  • identifies developments, challenges and opportunities in a range of industries and locations
  • takes a deep look at the complexities facing local communities in the global energy transition.

“I encourage everyone to take a look at this valuable resource. Interactive and easy to navigate, it will help anyone working in natural resources better understand consultation and consent concepts in principle and practice.” Fiona Avery, Program Director, BHP Foundation.

Navigate the Dynamics in Consultation and Consent here


The development of the Dynamics in Consultation and Consent resource is part of the Community-smart Consultation and Consent initiative supported by BHP Foundation and implemented by Landesa, in partnership with RESOLVE, Conservation International, and the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) at The University of Queensland.

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