Applications for awards supporting effective governance and Indigenous self-determination are open

The Indigenous Governance Awards (IGA) recognize the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led organizations and projects that, through their effective governance models, make outstanding contributions to communities and to Australia. Applications for the IGAs 2024 are open.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have had systems in place to lead and govern for thousands of generations. These are unique ways of self-governing, driven by culture and community priorities.

Over the last 15 years there has been a discernible shift in focus from securing rights of Indigenous peoples to exercising those rights through effective governance.

To recognize best practice in two-way governance, Reconciliation Australia’s Indigenous Governance Program and The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute deliver the Indigenous Governance Awards.

The IGAs are an effective platform that showcases organizations' success from the strength and legitimacy of Indigenous governance.

“After being in administration for years there was a lack of faith from funding bodies and potential partners in our organization’s capacity for financial management but once we won the award, everything changed”, said John Reidy, CEO of the Brewarrina Local Aboriginal Land Council in North Western NSW, winners in the 2022 awards.

“The Indigenous Governance Awards were fundamental to that change. Winning encouraged them [funding bodies and potential partners] to have another look at us and we now have strong partnerships and collaborations with local and national agencies”, said Reidy.

Watch to learn more about Brewarrina Local Aboriginal Land Council

Why apply for the Indigenous Governance Awards 2024

The Indigenous Governance Awards are held every two years. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organizations working to benefit their communities through effective Indigenous governance are highly encouraged to apply for the 2024 edition.

The recognition package includes corporate mentoring, media and networking facilitation, and a share in AUD$60,000. In addition, participants have the opportunity for further development and engagement including capacity building, networking, peer learning and legitimacy building.

Applications and nominations are open until Friday 15 March 2024 (11:59pm AEDT).

Visit for more info, or to apply or nominate an organization.


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