Integrity, transparency and accountability are key to Ukraine’s recovery

Latest estimates suggest over US 400 billion dollars* will be needed to reconstruct Ukraine. To make the most of every dollar, a coalition known as RISE (Reconstruction Integrity, Sustainability and Efficiency) Ukraine is working to help Ukraine build back better, making the reconstruction a model of open government and open contracting.

Pictured: RISE Ukraine presented their digital reconstruction management system concept at the Kyiv School of Economics’ conference "Digital tools for the recovery of Ukraine" last year.

RISE Ukraine is using open data and the latest digital technologies to put information about use of funds, government procurement and reconstruction projects at the fingertips of anyone, anywhere. 

Viktor Nestulia, Head of Ukraine Support, at the Open Contracting Partnership and Chairman of the Board of RISE Ukraine explained the use of digital tools makes it possible to fight corruption and use resources more efficiently. 

Digital tools and systems and the use of open data will help to drive large-scale changes based on mutual trust, transparency, and accountability,” said Viktor. 

These principals sit behind the Digital Reconstruction Management System being developed which will make the rebuilding of damaged and destroyed infrastructure transparent and open to businesses, international partners, and communities. 

Pictured: BHP Foundation CEO James Ensor and Natural Resource Governance Program Director Fiona Avery met with a Ukrainian parliamentary delegation in March 2023 to share progress on RISE Ukraine and broader critical mineral industry trends.

BHP Foundation’s Natural Resource Governance Program Director Fiona Avery said that open government and open contracting principles are critical for ensuring Ukraine’s reconstruction is fair and inclusive.  

We work with leading experts around the world to raise governance standards so that the citizens of resource-rich countries are the primary benefactors of their natural resource wealth,” said Fiona. And it was through our long-standing partnerships with Transparency International and the Open Contracting Partnership that we were able to be involved in the early discussions that helped form RISE Ukraine.

RISE Ukraine was launched in July last year with inaugural funding from the BHP Foundation.

For the latest updates, sign up to RISE Ukraine’s newsletter via its website or visit the BHP Foundation’s website for more on its Natural Resource Governance program.

*Updated Ukraine Recovery and Reconstruction Needs Assessment (

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