Digital Education Network

A collaboration of seven projects aims to ensure the continuity of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and transform the future of Chilean education. The network is now focused on addressing the educational gaps left by the pandemic and working for an education that promotes the skills required for the 21st century.


2.5Mpeople in Chile - students, teachers and parents - are expected to benefit from the network.

Equal opportunity for all

In June 2020, the Digital Education Network brought together six projects into a collaborative space

to secure the continuity of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic but also transform the future of Chilean education by enabling equal opportunity for all. The Network promotes technology and innovation as key educational tools. It also addresses the development of socio-emotional skills and includes gender perspectives in every project.


Network members

6R7A6459.JPG Education equity

An online collaborative platform providing more than 540 free learning resources to 340,000 users in seven countries. The Learning Lab offers free seminars, workshops and other activities for school communities.

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ComunidadMujer: Gender perspective

Promotes women’s rights and contributes to discussions relating to public and corporate policies seeking to achieve greater gender equity. Their projects include campaigns about how women’s extra load of domestic and caring work impacts on their education and economic outcome, and the issue of gender-biased school drop-out.

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Enseña Chile: Education equity

Creating a network of leaders to help transform education in Chile. The ‘Schools that Learn’ project gives teachers and principals the tools to better administer their talents. Radio Enseña is an educational radio program addressing the gaps caused by no Internet access. The project has expanded with Canales Enseña, a free-access multimedia platform offering online classes, podcasts and a bot supports learning using WhatsApp.

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Fundación Chile: Education equity

Promoting innovation with a focus on sustainability and skills in education for the future. An educational TV program about 21st century skills, Aprendiendo (A) Ser was televised in 2020 then available on their website, and in 2021, a set of worksheets were created for teachers to support their classes.

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Fundación Kodea: Education equity + technology

Promoting talent for the digital world. The Eduk platform offers videos, worksheets, TV stories and other materials to enhance technological information. The annual Talento Digital Los Creadores 2020 award recognizes students whose projects search for innovative solutions for complex challenges.

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National Monitoring of the Education System during the 2022 Pandemic

This project gathers information on the educational system directly from school principals and childhood establishments, through monthly surveys, during the third year of the pandemic. Developed by the Escuela de Gobierno, the Instituto de Sociología de la Universidad Católica de Chile and the CIAE, Universidad de Chile, in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios Mineduc and the Subsecretaría de Educación Parvularia with the support from the BHP Foundation.

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Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, School of Psychology: Socioemotional support

A program for community agents (teachers and social leaders) giving them tools to support students and their families in times of high stress and anxiety. The program offers scholarships for psychological first assistance and workshops on leadership; and holds workshops to help diagnose and address mental health in the same territories.

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Chile Country Program updates

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Sustainable development for 16 fishing communities along Chile’s coast

The livelihoods of more than 140,000 fisherfolk along Chile’s 4,000 miles (~6,000km) coast are dependent upon sustainable fisheries and face an increasing challenge in reconciling conservation with the ability to generate a sustainable livelihood.

17 days ago

Chile program

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3 Projects empowering women through education

Three evidence-based projects in Chile are helping to close the gender gap with universal, high-quality education and digital training.

190 days ago

Chile program

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Public school teachers in Chile receive computer science training

More than 130 teachers at public schools across Chile have graduated from a training program designed to boost computer science proficiency in the classroom. With less than 1 per cent of public school students in Chile achieving advanced levels of digital proficiency, Fundación Kodea and BHP Foundation developed a project, IdeoDigital, to train and empower teachers to introduce computer science classes.

227 days ago

Chile program

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Monitoring pandemic impacts on education in Chile

A new Chilean-wide National Survey of Educational Monitoring is uncovering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on education in Chile.

246 days ago

Chile program

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