Monitoring pandemic impacts on education in Chile

A new Chilean-wide National Survey of Educational Monitoring is uncovering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on education in Chile.

More than 4,000 school principals have responded to the initiative so far, which is helping to facilitate collaboration across the education sector while identifying the main challenges being faced by educators in Chile due to the pandemic.


The monthly survey, prepared jointly by the Ministry of Education, the UC School of Government, the Institute of Sociology UC and the CIAE of the University of Chile with support from the BHP Foundation, is being shared to schools who are sharing their experiences to feed into reports to help allow for better decision making by schools.

What have they found so far?

  • Learning has been identified as the main challenge for 2023 after not having been a priority during 2022. The principal’s main priority during 2022 were set on school life, students’ absenteeism and mental health.
  • A huge attendance drop has been estimated, and the principals have reported less than 80 per cent attendance at a national level.
  • A teaching deficit higher than 10 per cent has been identified as a result of leave and resignations.
  • School violence is still high in many schools in relation to 2019, but it has been decreasing each month.
  • Almost half of the public education institutions worked on a half-day basis during the first semester of 2022, while the private sector continued having more than eight daily hours of activities the whole semester.

The results have been presented in national and international conferences and are considered as inputs by the Ministry of Education.

You can read the monthly reports via, which also includes material to promote school attendance and a library with the international research related to the impact of the pandemic on girls and boys around the world. 

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