5475 days, 500 members. A celebration of Teach for All’s 15 years of extraordinary work.

Earlier this month, more than 500 members of Teach For All’s global community joined in a virtual celebration of the network’s 15th anniversary that was equal parts inspiring, profound, and joyful.


Highlights of the event included powerful reflections by network CEOs and early advocates on what compelled them to be part of this movement and their aspirations for the journey ahead, stories from former students of network teachers who are now teachers themselves, a live conversation with alumni who are continuing to make a meaningful impact in their countries, and so much more.

James Ensor, Chief Executive BHP Foundation, joined Teach For All supporters from Atlassian, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Post DHL Group in a video tribute to celebrate the enabling work of the network.

“Enabling equitable access to quality education and learning for young people most at risk of being left behind requires radical disruption to education systems,” said James.

“This is precisely why we partner with Teach For All to deliver the Global Learning for Community Impact Project.”

“Teach For All share our vision to drive a fundamental shift in the education and learning ecosystem.”

The BHP Foundation partners with Teach For All on the Leadership and global learning for community impact project, creating locally rooted, globally informed leaders who work in partnership with the communities to ensure all children can fulfil their potential.

Watch the full event and view a selection of the videos and live recordings featured in the celebration.