Hearing the voices of 16000 Chilean women

‘What is the first thing you would change in Chile?’ It’s a question that’s been posed to thousands of Chilean women to identify what’s most important to them.

Our voice

And for around 16,000 of them, it’s education, health, gender equity and inequality.

Their responses were part of a collaborative project, Our Voice, led by the Nuestra Voz Group.

With the support of the BHP Foundation, the project is aiming to build a more equitable and just society in Chile.

Our Voice was born from a conviction that women should be present in the public debate in Chile and part of the solution for the country to meet the challenges ahead.

It’s a digital platform that collects the voices of Chilean women via phone, text and WhatsApp, and then uses artificial intelligence to analyse the responses and identify patterns.

The results revealed a range of concerns – including women’s rights and gender equity (27%), justice and inequality (20.6%), government and state (18.4%), education (16.2%), health (14.6%) and employment (11.7%) – and will be part of discussions around the country’s new Constitution.

Alejandra Garcés, Program Director of the BHP Foundation Chile Program, says it’s about listening to and acting on the concerns of all Chilean women.

“Women want to build a better country, with equal opportunities, where gender perspective is included in all decision making and with a focus on remote territories and vulnerable groups with little or no representation at all.’