An inspiring coalition that will guide Ukraine's reconstruction

RISE Ukraine, a new coalition of Ukrainian organizations and international partners, was launched this week at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano, Switzerland, with inaugural funding from the BHP Foundation.


Comprising more than 20 Ukrainian organizations working on open government and anticorruption reform, RISE Ukraine aims to help build the country back better, making the reconstruction a model of integrity, sustainability and efficiency. The coalition will do this through inclusive dialogue, open data and the latest digital technology to put information about project status and the use of funds at the fingertips of anyone, anywhere, and so creating a fair and transparent playing field for businesses tendering for reconstruction contracts, while ensuring decisions are accountable and fast.

BHP Foundation’s Natural Resource Governance Program Director, Fiona Avery said that effective use of open government and open contracting principles are critical for ensuring Ukraine’s reconstruction is fair and inclusive, ensuring all citizens benefit from efficient government spending.

“For many years civil society organizations in Ukraine have worked together to deliver transformational reforms in public procurement and open data, and this spirit of co-creation continues in the formation of this inspiring coalition,” said Fiona.

It has been BHP Foundation’s privilege to have played a role in early discussions that led to the mobilization of this powerful coalition, and as the inaugural funder of RISE Ukraine the Foundation is now enabling the coalition to progress to concept development and ultimately contribute to the implementation of Ukraine’s reconstruction.

The Foundation was able to lean into this initiative from the outset because of its focus on enhancing the governance of natural resources around the world. For many years, the Foundation’s work with world leading experts tackling corruption across the natural resource value chain, has been driving positive change by uncovering corruption, raising governance standards and ultimately allowing the citizens of resource-rich countries to be the primary benefactors of their natural resource wealth.

As the war on Ukraine began, this global partner network convened many actors based in, or connected to, Ukraine to bring together their collective expertise to explore what role they could play in supporting Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction. RISE Ukraine is now a reality, bringing together these organizations which includes Foundation partners Transparency International Ukraine and Open Contracting Partnership with support from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), and other leading government agencies.

BHP Foundation Chief Executive James Ensor said fundamental to the Foundation’s approach is the inherent value of building cross-sector partnerships, bringing together the combined expertise of industry, civil society, governments and international institutions.

“We work across the natural resource value chain to enhance governance, end corruption and enable people to have agency and voice in decisions affecting them. Our partners are working to enable this at each step of the value chain and in doing so all contributing to a stronger, more robust system,” James explained.

“So we knew that the collective experience of our partners, organisations who are unwavering in their commitment to deliver outcomes for the benefit of citizens, could help pave a way to support Ukraine’s reconstruction, effectively and efficiently.”

But this is just the beginning, The Ukrainian government presented a plan to the conference for post war recovery 2023-2032 worth USD 750 billion.  RISE Ukraine is calling for people and organisations to bring their expertise or financial support to ensure the success of the coalition’s work - we encourage you to learn more and connect with RISE Ukraine.